"$Three-Hundred Dollars$"



It was September 9, 2011 and I was with my father and I reminded him that I was going to Dominican Republic December 22.  Clearly he gave me a look " Don't worry I'm going to give you the money tomorrow so that you can buy whatever you are going to take with you to DR. I jumped up and down and ran around, I was so excited.  Later on that day, I asked my father " Pa can I have my money now?" But he just ignored me.  Around 10 o'clock in the night I told my father again about the money but this time he angrily told me "Ask me again and you not getting any money.  " I was so mad at my father that when I went to my room all you heard was the door shout.


            The next morning, I was watching television in my room and I was so anxious to ask my father if I can get my money now.  I tried to calm myself down and just wait like my father told me to but I couldn't.  I went to the living room where my father was watching television.  He sees me coming so I stop for a moment and I cautiously asked myself " Should I ask him" and I just went with my decision in the first place.  "Pa can I have my money now, I know you told me to wait but I cant any more" I closed my eyes and waited for what he was going to say.  "Go to the table over there and get my wallet." As soon as I heard those words I sprinted to the table and got his wallet.  "Here three hundred dollars!" "Finally." I jumped, danced, and ran around the house, like 10 times.

            I got my money but however I stopped and felt guilty. I felt that way because even though I got what I wanted I was very impatient.  "Pa next time I'll be patient for what I want and sorry."  The lesson I learned from this experience is that you have to be patient, especially if it's something that you really want because it can be taken away from you.   

About the Author

            The author's name is Eileen. She is in seventh grade 12 years old at Jonas Bronck Academy.  She thought about writing this memoir because it can really teach kids and adults to be patient especially if you're being impatient something that you really want.  She said this because she know how it feels to be excited for something that you really want and then it's taken away from you because of your behavior.