My First Awesome Trip



 I was in fifth grade sitting down in my classroom at the Bronx New School.  I really didn't like school.  Our teacher Dinah explained that we were going to a three day trip called Clearpool.  I was excited that I was going to a trip that were leaving far away from my parents.


            When I got home I showed my parents the permission slip.  I was hoping they would say yes since I've done good job in school.  I waited for a little bit and they responded with a yes. All I had to do was keep doing well in school. I was excited that I was going to the trip.


            I went to the and had a lot of fun. When I got back from the trip I told my parents about everything. My parents were happy that I had fun. But the bad thing that happened was I left something at the trip. My mom got mad at me.


            I learned that if you do well in school you get something in return. I liked the trip.  I wish I could go to another trip like the trip I had. My friends and me liked the trip especially me. I will never forget about the trip.






About the author


Keith is an 11-year-old seventh grader in Jonas Bronck Academy in the Bronx. Keith is from New York City. He likes to play video games.  He also likes to ride his bike in his neighborhood.   He's not much of a writer but he still writes. The thing he likes most of all is his little baby brother.  He made this memoir  because he wanted to share with people the first trip he ever felt excited about.