When I was about seven or six years old. I went to a chinies restaurant with my baby sitter. She told me to stay still and wait for her inside, at the time I didn't hear what she requested. I waited for a while but I grew in-patient. I went outside it was very dark outside I couldn't see where my sitter was. I crossed the street, trying to find her. I went inside a near by barbershop shouting "mommy" over and over. Afterward the people in the barbershop told me to sit down and wait instead I sat for a while and I left.

 I went back outside, later I went back to the restaurant. I saw my baby sitter looking for me. I told her I was lost looking for her. That day I learned that I should do what an adult tells me to do. My baby sitter forgave me and later we went home.                                                                  

    My name is Bryant I am from the Dominican Republic. My hobbies are playing games and reading. The reason I wrote this memoir because this was a moment of my life I still remember.