The Time My Mom Lied To Me



            It was one summer night, and just came home from my friend’s house that lives across the hall. As I began to enter the living room. I instantly saw a disappointed look on Nancy’s face. I couldn’t believe what she told me! I was thinking in my head angrily, “My mom put words in my mouth.” My mom told Nancy over the phone that I said, “I didn’t want letters from where she is at, and I said it in front of my aunt's face.”

            When I suddenly, heard these words come out of my Nancy’s mouth, I was as furious as fire burning a building and people screaming. This was a memory of my mom that I couldn’t forget. I have good memories of my mom, and I never had bad ones about her. I was so shocked, that my own mother would lie like this to me. For a couple of weeks in August I was really mad at her.

            When my aunt was driving me to go see my mom at where she was at, I couldn’t because of a misconception with the weather. But, as she was driving me back home, I was thinking about what happened about my mom’s situation. Then, all of a sudden I taught myself a big lesson. In conclusion, I learned that no matter what my mom does I will always love her and, that I won’t be as mad at her was the first time. Also, I shouldn’t because that’s my mom, even if she makes mistakes.





                                                About the Author


The author ‘s name is, “Bellah.” She’s 12 years, and attends Jonas Bronck Academy. She is from the Bronx, New York. When she has free time, she likes to ride her bike for fun, and hangout with my friends, or watch a good movie. She wrote this memoir about myself because it is a memory that she had from her mom, and it was a sad memory. This memoir is just a memory, it is not a personal memoir.