Feeling Guilty


In 6th grade there was only one day left until the last day of school. We were being treated with a movie, West Side Story.  I chose to sit next to Elizabeth and Janay. Elizabeth I started to have a conversation because the movie was getting boring, so we started to fool around and laugh at the jokes we made.  Sitting on the flat gym floor my leg was falling asleep so I had to move around to make my leg feel comfortable.  As I was fooling around with Elizabeth I had dropped my book bag on her arm.


  I laughed at first when she shouted, “ OW!”  She didn’t take it seriously at first and neither did I until I saw her face expression, which showed that she was actually hurt.  We continued to watch the movie, thinking that it was no big deal.   After she kept complaining a lot she had got the idea to go to the nurse.  A couple of minutes later she came down to tell me that the nurse wanted to speak to me. Even when we were going upstairs she complained about the pain. Time went on after telling the nurse what happened. By her facial expression you could tell the pain had increased.


            Unfortunately after watching her go through pain it was the end of the day and I had to leave her because I had bus to get on. Going downstairs I felt guilty, I was the one that hurt her and I had to leave her by herself. The next day came, anxious to see if Elizabeth was coming today so that I can see what I have done.  In the morning she came in with a cast around her arm and that’s when the guilt hit me.  I ran to her before she can walk in the cafeteria.  “ What did I do to you? Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I asked her loudly.  As a joke she replied, “ Yeah, yeah look what you done to me.” Even though I had felt bad for her I knew she was fine.

 Weeks past and her arm was fine and she went back to normal without a sprained shoulder.



                                                About the Author


The author Jada is 12 years old and lives in Bronx, New York. On her free time she likes to go places like the mall with friends and watching Twilight movies over and over again. She likes visiting family and friends because she loves having company. The reason why she wrote this essay is to show the reader that she has learned her lesson and maybe readers can relate to the lesson learned.