Friends Come and Go


My mom and I were heading to Target to meet my sister and her boyfriend. We were on our way there and Yazid sent me a text. The text said "hey Elvis, do you want to play pool". I was excited because I never played pool with him. Later that day when I got to Target I shopped and after I had Starbucks.


            My mom and I took the bus home. On our way there, Yazid replied with a text that said at "5:00 we were going to play pool". It was 5:56, and suddenly I was stuck on Fordham Road. He was getting mad. Afterwards he left the place. Then I called him to tell him to come back. We met at the pool place, and he looked angry. I tried to make him happy by offering him for me to by him some food but it didn't work.


            He left, and after that I realized, "friends come and go". We didn't talk for a month. But I wanted to talk to him so I sent him and a text the day before I almost had and heart attack. I told him that and he asked me if I was ok. Then we started our friendship all over again.

About The Author

  Elvis is a scholar at Jonas Bronck Academy on Webster Ave and Fordham Road. Elvis is a Latin-American male. Also he loves to write poetry when he is feeling sad. It turn out he wants to become a poet when he grows up to make his parents proud. What inspired him to write poetry was when he had a crush on a girl in his class and he wrote a poem for her. Eventually the girl asked him out and he was happy and continued to write poetry.


 Elvis you did an amazing

 Elvis you did an amazing job explaining what happened that day