A Nerve-Wrecking Day


                I remember in the summer I wanted to sleep over my friend's house.  We were scared to ask my mom but I still did.  I did because it's a risk I would take and I wanted to play call of duty black ops.  So I finally I ask my mom if I can sleep over and all she said was a simple okay.  I was like really!  And she said yes you could.                                                                                          

   Afterwards I realize that there was really nothing so be scared of it's not like the end of the world or something right? Anyways I was finally stress free, until I went to my friend's house though. I was nervous because I never went to his house before and the other reason I was kind of nervous was because his mother that I barley talk to was there.  It was weird because I didn't know what we were going to talk about.  I am really not good at talking to any of my friend's mom because for some reason I am always nervous.                                                           

    So then I was talking to his mom and she ask me Kelvin how old are you? And at that time I was only 11 years old so I told her the age I was (11) and she said oh and she notice that I started shaking a little.  She realized that I was nervous and she asks me "why are you nervous?" I just stood quiet and she said " you know that there nothing to be nervous of " and I thought of what she said and I realized again that is true what my friends mom said to me so I finally stop being nervous and until that day I don't get nervous anymore.

                             About the author

    Kelvin is 12 years old and from Bronx,New York. He likes to play a lot of sports like baseball, football, and basketball.  Kelvin wrote this memoir because he like to write about stuff that he didn't like about himself but he change that and he is proud of his self for making that improvement.