Here Comes the Bride – Oh No!



                                I was laying in my bed like a regular ten year old when my sister came in and whispered in my ear "I am getting married this August." My sister has known her fiancé for five years and they finally wanted to get married. She would talk on the computer with him all day and she started to spend less time with me.  After, a while I started to become Jealous and wanted her to spend more time with me.  After, two months it was almost time for her weeding and I was very sad that she was going to get married and move away. When we were in Kosove my sister stayed a lot of time with her husband and stayed less and less time with me agian !!!. When I noticed she was staying less time with me I got really mad at her. I was mad because I felt like she was replacing me.

        After another month it was July and she was getting ready for her weeding. I wished she would not get married. It soon became the weeding day and everything was ready for the weeding. When it was time for the wedding I started to stay with my cousins Zana and Linda. I didn't want to stay with my sister because I was going to miss my sister when she moved and I was sad. When the weeding was over and the weeding was over she came up to me and said what was wrong with me. I was thinking she found out I was getting jealous and I didn't want her to know. She looked at me and waited till I told her what's wrong.

             I Finally told her I was jealous of her. Her face expression told me she was very confused. Before, she could say anything I Instantly told her that she always spends time with her husband and I felt like she was replacing me. She suddenly, took a chair and sat down. Afterwards she told me to take a seat and said "lets talk." She then, told me that she will always love me because I am her brother. After she said that I felt better and she promised to spend more time with Me. Me and her started to spend more time with me. After, I told my family how foolish I was acting and I never will act so jealous again. 


                                     About The Author


The auther of the Memoir is  Egzon and  he is from kosove, Which is a country in Europe. His hobbies are Singing, Dancing, and Writing books. The reason he wrote this book is to tell people how sometimes you could get jealous for no reason.