The Loss of the Pen!


I don't suspect you have heard about me but I am just a regular kid. Not cool, not lame but just regular.  In fifth grade I had many friends.  Not saying I was the coolest but I just had friends. Some were cool and some were funny.  But that's when eventually I learned an important lesson. I had this pen that my grand mother gave me.

 It had this toy boxer at the top so when you press the button it shoots a punch.  Then one day I was crazy enough to give it to my friend.  At the end of class I asked for it he gave me it but it was broken.  That's when I felt heart broken it made me feel so irresponsible. The most memorable moment was when my grandmother gave me that pen. It meant so much to me but now I did not have it because I gave it to an irresponsible friend.            

It was special to me because it was given to me by my grandmother from way long ago. Now my friend still gets along with me but now I am more aware of the friends that I have.  You could have all the friends in the world and half of them could betray you.                                   

                        About the author


Mannix was born in the Bronx came from Puerto Rico. my hobby is to draw and to

Play different kind of video games. The reason I wrote this memoir is to tell the kids to watch out who you hang out with and to be careful who you lend something to.