Friendship Granade


          It was a bright and sunny Morning of June.  As I walked to the cafeteria, people were sharing secrets even my friend were sharing secrets and It seemed like it was about it was about me.  Afterwards, I went to my friend, Fanta and I asked her what every one was talking about.  She uttered that she could not tell me.  "Uuuhhh", I sighed. Please I begged in a placid voice, tell me "ok".  Fanta put her hand next to my ear.    Ms. Gizzel passed by and told us it was unscholarly to be a student of JBA and spread rumors. There was an awkward silence as we rolled our eyes.  Afterwards Fanta told me this girl named Lee told the eighth grades and sixth grade that said stuff about them.  She started to spread rumors and she even told my friend.  "DING, DING" the sound of the bell for advisory rang.   As I walked down the hall I had asked Fanta why Lee would say that. "She a hater" Fanta shouted.  I laughed in my heads. Eventually Lee came over and took her away. She started to tell her things in her ear. I walked there and I pulled her away.  "Why would you do that?" I screamed. Fanta pulled away and she shouted "don't talk to me" I ran to Lee and asked her "what did you tell her?" Lee smiled and said "nothing".  So I went to advisory and everyone was talking there about me.  I sat in the corner alone the bell rang. I went to class and I said "Hi" to every one, but they ignored me. I sat by myself the whole day.

         It was the end of the day everyone started staring at me, so I walked out and went home alone. It was the last day of school and all my friends were taking picture. I was the only one sitting alone not taking pictures. Everyone looked at me as if I had a gun in my hand. The bell rand and I went to advisory. Ms. Leone told us that we were staying in advisory so we can have the last day with our friends. But I did not have any. I sat there for six hours by myself and everyone else was talking to his or her friend. I started to cry because I was so lonely but no one cared. I was the end of the day everyone was going home and once again I have to go home by myself. June 30 I was on Facebook and I saw she was on so I started talking to her and I worded it out with all my friends.

         In conclusion I learned that it is possible for friends to come and go and that you can't have everything your way. 

          The author Evette is 12 years old and was born and raised in the Bronx.  She studied at Jonas Bronck Academy in the Bronx.  Her hobbies are hanging out with fiends and having a good time listening to music and watching TV.  Why Evette wrote her memoir is cause she wanted to show how friends come and go at any time due to rumors but you should always stay positive.