Fire Leads To Life Lesson



                  In June 2011 my best friend Matty and I went to his grandmothers house. Eventually his grandmother had to go to the supermarket to get some groceries. Matty and I were now home alone. We went to the kitchen and started talking like we regularly did. As we were talking, Matty leaned on the kitchen stove and accidently turned on the fire.

      By the time I finally noticed the fire it was over Matty's head. I was so scared I couldn't even yell. Finally I squeezed a yelp out of me. Matty turned around and saw the fire. So I ran to him and yelled "Oh My ..."! I ran with him to the bathroom, thinking both our lives were over.

      When we got to the bathroom, equally scared, Matty jumped into the bathtub as I was turning on the shower. If Matty and I were being filmed, this would be our big scene! Finally, I was able to get the burning flames out of his hair with the shower.  Just when I thought it was over, I remembered our next task was the burning pizza box in the kitchen. As I ran into the kitchen, the pizza box was no longer a pizza box. It was hot burning flames.

      I turned around to look at Matty to make sure he was okay, knowing how frightened he was. When I turned, he   didn't make one move. He was as still as the statue of liberty, not showing any emotions. So that's when I knew I was alone. I saw the sink with the extending hose. Then a light when off in my head, and I realized I should use that to take out the fire. I ran to the sink, turned on the water and slowly, the fire faded away. Although when it was over I realized how brave I was and felt so confident about myself. I was feeling good, Matty was upset because the fire burned off some of his hair.

      In conclusion, since that day I learned something about my life. My lesson was to treasure life because it can be over before you know it.

 About The Author:

      The author Elizabeth is currently 12 years old living in The Big Apple. She loves to read and write daily in her 7th grade English class. Elizabeth says this memoir to show people how much you have to cherish your life and what you have because it can be taken away from you in seconds.