My Trip to Pennsylvania


            It was the summer of 2010 when my dad announced if I get good grades we will go to Dorney Park. I tried really hard next year. At the final report card I was really anxious and nervous. My dad was shocked I didn’t want to look. Finally I brought up the courage to look. I was shocked too. I got over 80’s on every class. I was so happy because I knew that we were going to the amusement park.                                                                                                                                               

    I told my dad and I started to brag about it. At last, in the summer we packed our bags and we headed off to Pennsylvania. We stayed in a hotel for the night. My mom started to make snacks so we can eat after we got tired. When we got there I saw the biggest rollercoaster ever. The sign scared me because it exclaimed “ BEWARE’’.                             

            My parents kept on saying to get on but I refused. They kept on bothering me. So I got on. From that day on I will try to get good grades on my report card. What do you know if you get good grades you could have the time of your life.                             


                                                            About The Author

                         Pedro loves hockey. He goes to JBA Ms228. November 22, 2011. He loves dogs.  He has two sisters.  His favorite food is lobster. He is from Dominican Republic.  I think Pedro wrote this because he wanted to show what he learned and what he did over the summer. His favorite hobbies are ice skating and playing sports.