A Bad Case of Bullying




   Bullying is against the law! Did you know that one of every five children in America are bullied on a daily basis? Weather its physical verbal or emotional it’s bulling!


   One day during the summer of 2008, me and my friends from Beacon 45 summer Camp were sitting along the stair case’s in the building when my best friend Jaden was Strolling down the hallway.   Then suddenly in a rapid motion the fourteen year old Bully Tammie came storming towards Jaden and in a glance she pushed him and screamed “move punk! 

The next day the same thing occurred to Jaden he felt so embarrassed and displeased.He continued to cry.  Days went by and all you could see on Jaden’s face was bruisesand cuts and his sad droopy frown caused by Tammie . Jaden realized that he couldn’tfight this battle on his own he needed an adults help so he went to his mom and let herknow why he’s been depressed the passed three weeks.


   A meeting was haled at beacon 45. Tammie noticed that she had been wrong in takingOut all her anger on Jaden and it was only because she had been bullied as a child as well. But she was willing to forget and start fresh and new. She made a promise that she will not take action in bullying anybody for the rest of her existence. She apologized to Jaden and Jaden accepted it.


     In conclusion ,Tammie, Jaden and I learned that bullying is not an answer to any situation it does not get you any where in life . And you should treat others the way you would like to be treated.



                                    About The Author


The auothor name is Dariasny. She is 12 years old, born in the Bronx ,New York. She is Puerto Rican and Dominican. She has a passion for the theater arts. She love music, she doesn't know what she would do if it didn’t exist. She wrote this memoir because bullying has been a huge problem where she grew up around and the schools, she has been to.

She hopes that this memoir sends a message to the children who reads this so that they can think twice before speaking acting towards another child.