"Hey Daesia, why don't you go jump off the diving board?" asked my friend Stevie. "NO!" I yelled back. "Come on its only 9ft". "I could drown in 6 I said. "Come on, please!" " Well since you as- NO!" I replied back to her beginning comments. "Yes! Please its not that bad!" "Yeah maybe to you" I shouted back. "DAESIA, DAESIA, DAESIA" my sister, cousin, and friend chanted. "Fine" I said, as I walked to the edge of the diving board. "So you'll do it?" said my sister happily. "NO" I screamed back at her. "DAESIA, DAESIA, DAE-". Splash. I jumped in, just to hear them stop calling my name. But I was terrified. Suddenly I rose up out of the water, relieved.                                   

" Wow daredevil"."Are you ok Daesh?" asked my cousin. "Yeah!" I replied. "I'm great".  " I actually want to dive in again" I said as I walked to the edge of the diving board. Splash. After that my friend started to scream, as I tried to take her under the water with me. After that me, and my friend decided to splash my younger sister and cousin. We had a great splashing war and just as we were ready to splash again, Stevie's mom came out asking us if we wanted pizza. We all decided to go inside and eat since we were hungry anyways. After we filled our bellies, it was time for me my sister and my cousin to go home and shower. Luckily, Stevie asked us to come again later on that night. I didn't know that later on that night was midnight to her, and neither did my grandma. Who of course we all knew would say no.

                        That night I was right. I finally decided to ask my grandma. Who of course said no. But this time it wasn't just a plain no. She actually yelled at me for asking her. She claimed it was too dangerous out there. That was a lame excuse since Stevie lived right across the street. But this night her saying no didn't stop me at all. But it defiantly stopped my sister and cousin who even screamed at me for wanting to go to. Them yelling at me didn't stop either. Everyone was sleeping so it was the perfect time to sneak out. "Daesia, don't go" said my sister. NO I want to go!" "And besides what's the worst that could happen?" I responded as I opened the front door. BEEP! BEEP! Went the alarm. "THAT!" my cousin responded as we all ran to our room. All of sudden I started hearing footsteps. The alarm woke up my grandma. And I was scared she was going to wake me up next.

                        The next day I decided to tell my friend what really happened. I was so embarrassed. I felt like such a wimp. Well all I know is that I would never forget that moment. And that night I defiantly learned a lesson. Think before you do things, and everything your peers say is for a reason.


About the Author:

            Daesia is a 12 year, old girl who loves to party and swim. She is very athletic and she lives in the Bronx. When she isn't at the pool or playing sports you can mostly find her hanging with her friends, or family that mean the world to her. Daesia wrote this memoir so everyone can know a big part of her amazing summer vacation. She also wrote this memoir to let people know that sneaking out, or trying to sneak out has consequences no matter what.