My First Board



            When I was nine years old I got into skateboards. I was seeing most of my friends using boards. But after, I saw that I decided to learn how to ride a skateboard. Around 8 P.M in a polite voice I asked my friend Michael " Can I use one of your boards." Michael replied with a " Yes." I didn't know how to ride a skateboard, so instead I used his skateboard to train. When I first tried I did fall. But after, that I fell five times to the ground. But I never gave up after that. Afterward, little by little I was learning how to ride a board by myself. At last after, two days I felt ready to ride in the streets. I was always training in my Building. Now when I went outside it was extremely easy. Five days later I went in the Internet to buy my own board. Afterward, I made my own custom board.

           After, I made my own board I asked my mom " Can you buy me it." But before she answered I had to go to the store. My grandmother asked me to get her some Sprit. I went to the store and I bought myself one as well. After, I came back my mom was already gone to work. Afterward, I went to sleep at 10 o' clock. Afterward, I woke up and I got ready for school. Then 15 minutes later my mom came from work. Then I asked her " Can you buy me the skateboard" she replied " Not now." But I was still calm and happy.

          After, a few weeks and a couple of days. I went to see my dad. I was leaving and I went in the train, and as I walked to the train. My mom told me " You can get the skate board." I learned if you wait you able get what you want.

          In conclusion I waited for my board after, ordering it. I waited for about a week. Finally, I got my board and now I use it most of the time. I learned two lessons in this memory. Finally, I learned to never give up and if you wait you can get what you want.

          This author is a student in Jones Brock Academy M.S 228. Rene is also an energetic boy. He is a 12 year old Dominican. He always likes a challenge and he loves different sport. He also has an evil side. But most of the time he is a nice guy.