The first time I went to Florida


 One bright sunny day I was in summer camp. The temperature was 82 degrees.  I was listening to music and my friends approached me their name was Jessica and Haysee. I have a lot of friends that loves to go places. "Hey how are you." I said with a grin. " I am ok but my mom told me I have to go to Florida can you come with me?" Haysee said.  " I want to go but I will ask my mom" I replied. After camp later that day, I wanted to ask my mom but I was really hesitant. " Hi mom how was your day?" I said. " It was good but I am really tired." "Can I go to Florida with Haysee and Jessica?" No answer from my mom she tried to change the subject.

            I went to camp the next day. " Can you come to Florida?" thinking that my mom said yes. " I don't know my mom didn't give me an answer." I replied. " Ok" Haysee said with a sigh. I went home and I was starving. " Hey Kennedy how was your day?" my mom said with concern. " It was good but I am really hungry. " Finally I can eat some food." " I need to talk to you." My mom exclaimed. "You are a good and a responsible child and I am letting you go to Florida." My mom said. "YES!!!" I said with relief. " You need to be a responsible young adult. " Ok I will." I said with excitement.

            I went to Florida with my friends and we had a great time. I knew my mom finally trust me. I learned that by listening to your parents and by being responsible it is the key of getting what you want. I knew that day I can really be a person people count on. When I came back, 1 week later my mom also learned that day she made a good decision by letting me go to Florida. Hopefully my mom would let me go to different places out of New York. I was really happy and excited to be back home with my family. In conclusion, my mom was happy and I was happy we all learned a lesson.


                                    About the Author


Kennedy is a person that has a lot of flaws and she is not afraid to say it. On her free time she dances and models. She spends a lot of time with her friends and family. Kennedy's favorite subject is science because it is interesting and I can learn different things. Her favorite colors are purple and pink.