Treasuring Family & Friends



      When my grandma was diagnosed with cancer it felt like the whole world stop and it was fill with disbelief. No one would ever thought that the cancer would come back after all the medicine and treatment she took to finally get better and try to live a longer life with her family and friends.


        It only took a couple of months until the cancer took over her entire body that the pain became over bearing that she ended up in the hospital until the day she died. My family and doctor's knew my grandma died there wasn't any luck in saving her. The cancer had spread to quickly and most of her bones became brittle and weak she was slowly dying day after day. Later that day I heard her speak her final words and take her last breath it was the day of August 29,2009 the day my grandma had died of bone cancer. The pain I felt was so heartbreaking that I thought how cold I live my life without my grandma she was the one who took care of me and loved me.


       But as I got older I finally learned knew that bone cancer was a type of sickness that lives off your bone and it sucks out the marrow that makes your bone and blood. At last I realized that "That I should treasure my family and friend's don't that them for granted". People will come and go but the ones you love will always keep them in your heart never forget about them.