Deathly Prank



                  I was in North Carolina sitting with my brother on the couch in my dads house.   I went down there every summer to visit.   My brother and I were bragging about how good we were in basketball.   Si and I were alone when suddenly I saw a guy jump out of nowhere.   I thought it was my father at first until he pulled out a knife.  My heart began to race and I was wondering what would happen.  As I was trying to Si's attention I just started to run because Si was not getting it.

I ran to the bathroom's closet, closed the door, grabbed the pole and pulled myself up and I hid.  I stood there breathing heavy when I heard my brother scream.  I was thinking, "Should I help him?"  I finally, thought to myself, I should help him.  Then I ran out the bathroom closet and began to rush Si.  I dropped him on the floor.  I watched him as he got up slowly.  He pulled the knife out of his pocket.  Si and I looked at one another knowing the only way out was through the balcony. 

My brother and I ran and jumped off the balcony.  It was amazing experience because we thought we were going to die.  But, in the moment Si and I knew that we close enough to another balcony so we grabbed on to theirs.  The person's balcony we landed on was Mr. Gason's.  Mr. Gason gazed out his balcony window wondering, why was there kids hanging off his balcony?  Si and I Shouted in fear "HELP!"   He came to the balcony and mumbled, "What are you kids doing her?"  "You better not be starting trouble!"  We shouted "NO!"  Mr. Gason helped us inside and he sat us down on the couch.  He looked confused as he looked at us.  He then muttered, "How did you kids end up on my balcony?"  Si and I replied "Well...We kinda of.... Ummm...."  He noticed that we were choking up.  He stared at us with a bewildered look.  We both said, "A murderer just tried to kill us!"  Then he said, "Are you joking"?  We replied "No!"  He stated, "If he went upstairs would he be there?"  Si yelled, "We wouldn't know, we jumped out the balcony!"  While Mr. Gason went upstairs Si and I stared at each other in complete panic.  I said to Si "Great!"  "Now our help is gone!"  Just then someone knocked on the door.  My brother got up and ran to hide in the room.  I was shocked I said "your going to leave me?"  Si said "you did the same to me."  So I grabbed a bat and I walked towards the door.  I unlocked the door cracked it open and swung the door and began swinging the bat.  After I ran away Mr. Gason Can in with blood in his mouth and thought the man had stabbed him in the jaw.  Then, Si came out running from his hiding spot to hit Mr. Gason but I stopped him.  Mr. Gason looked up and yelled, "You hit my face with a bat!"  I replied "Sorry, but did you get stabbed in the jaw?"  The stranger entered the room without his mask on and my brother and I started to scream and jump.  The stranger began to laugh I realized I notice that laugh.  Just then it hit me the stranger was my father.  It was no stranger after all just a big terrify joke.  My bother, Si continued to jump and scream and I felt he was being theatrical. 

In conclusion, I learned never disrespect your father