Sneaked out to a party


   I Sneaked Out to a Party

  It was our third day on the cruise ship. We were on our
 way to the Bahamas. Me and my siblings all went down
 With our mom and dad to go swimming inside of the pool.
  After, thirty minutes out of the pool, to get a tan I
  Asked my mom a question. I asked her can I go to a
 Party at 6:00 p.m. But she stood there and said nothing.
     After a few seconds from my mom just saying nothing
 She responded as a no. I was in so much shock. She will
 never say no to when I asked her to go to a party. I was
  wondering why she wouldn't let me go when she let me
 go to a party that started at 10:00 p.m. I just stood
  there and thought.
      After, the next 30 minutes I asked her again but she
  said no. Next, I stormed away to my suite to take a
  shower and went right into bed after taking a shower. I
 was so upset and unhappy at the same time. I just
 couldn't get it out of my mind because I was so angry.
 Meanwhile, I thought and said "Oh my god it's 5:00 p.m."
  I have to go to that party someway and somehow.
       Since, my mom was not in the suite I decided to put
  on my clothes and take the key with me. The party was
 all the way across from the pool section. Where my cruise
 ship friends were waiting for me because I told them I
 was going to be there, of course. Meanwhile, I was
 sneaking out without permission. In my ear a little birdy
 was telling me that "this is not the real Jael" and in the
  other ear a little was telling me " Go ahead girl and have
 a blast". I didn't know which ear to choose from.
    After all, I chose to not go. After ward,  my mom saw
  me all dressed up by the pool. She asked me " Where do
 you think your going?" But I just stood there saying
 nothing. After that, I responded.
    Eventually, 2 minutes passing I said, "I'm sorry mom for
 walking out behind your back" I said talking real fast.
 Afterwards, my mom said " go back upstairs and put back
 on your bathing suit". I was relieved because usually my
 mom would send me back to the suite. Suddenly, I took my
 key and went back into the suite to change. Lastly, I was
     In conclusion, I learned my lesson. After ward, the
  next day I told my friends that I couldn't go. The why is
 because "Family comes first". After we came off the
 cruise ship, we were on our way to discovery and sea
       Hi my name is Jael. I am 12 years old. My favorite color is pink. When I am not busy I like to spend time with my family. I like to go to different states and countries. I also like to go on cruise ships. I live in the bronx. My birthday is Oct. 23rd 1999. I hope you liked my memoir.    

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 i like that you learned

 i like that you learned your lesson and had fun on your vacation. I really felt how you felt.Nice discripition.(If i spelled that correct)