Always Believe in Yourself



  It was a bright and sunny morning. I was so tired that morning. I had to go to an open house. I was going to 6th grade in three months, so I had to start looking for schools to go to next year. Also I had just graduated from P.S.32. I loved P.S.32 and the people in it because they were not selfish and mean like some other people are. Also, I loved my teachers, all of them. They were not unfair.


            I really did not want to go to this open house. The open house was in a school called Jonas Bronck Academy (JBA). It sounded very boring. Also, I really did not want to go because the people from my old school was not coming to this school and I did not want to be by myself in a new school with new teachers and new people. Also, I knew what school I wanted to go to.


            When I came inside the building, the lobby looked nice and the rooms. Also, the things that they were saying really interested me.  They also showed me the gym, it was small, but it was ok for me. I started liking this school a lot, even more than the other one. I liked Jonas Bronck Academy more than West Bronx Academy because this school had more activities and the inside was much nicer than West Bronx Academy. It was much smaller, but it had other things that interested me.


            I felt so relieved when I came out of the open house. I was there for 2-3 hours. I wanted to get accepted really badly. I knew I had a chance because I knew that I had aced the test because the test was easy and I had good grades in my elementary years. I was so inpatient. I just wanted to call, send a letter, or maybe even an email to the school. I just wanted them to tell me that I got accepted to Jonas Bronck Academy.


            Finally, a letter came in saying, “ This is Ms. Torres, from Jonas Bronck Academy”. When I read that, I was so relieved, I just kept on reading before I could tell my mom anything. “ I have great news. Your daughter has been accepted to come to Jonas Bronck Academy next year. Congratulations! I will be sending you more letters. In these letter there will be more information about the school and the uniform policy. Good luck and I will be seeing your daughter next year.” I was so happy when I read that letter. I called my mom telling her “Mommy, I got accepted to Jonas Bronck Academy!” My mom was screaming. Also, my mom was six blocks away from the house, and in five minutes, she was here. She was here in the house, she was still screaming. She stopped screaming and said,” We are going out to celebrate right now. Did you call your dad?” I said “ no”. “This is good news, very good everyone is supposed to know, my mom said. After that, we went to Olive Garden with my dad. I was to excited to eat. My mom also pretended that it was my birthday, just so I can get some cake and ice cream. That was a nice dinner.


            When I went to school the next day, I told everyone about JBA. I even brought the letter with me to school to prove to everyone that it was true. Finally, June, almost time to go to Jonas Bronck Academy. I went straight home from school crossed out June, 28,2009, on the calender. My mom called my name. I came into her room. I saw that look on her face. The look that she always has when something is wrong. I knew something was wrong. I asked her,” Is something wrong?” She said,” Yes, um……….” “Mommy tell me”, I said. “Well, Jonas Bronck Academy just called me”, she said. “Ok, so what’s the problem”, I said. “Well, they said that you are not accepted to Jonas Bronck Academy because they called the wrong person. It was a mix up,” she said. I froze; I felt the chills coming up my arms. I was so mad. I did not want to get my mom down because when I get down, she gets down, and if she gets down her blood goes up. Then, I said, “It’s ok, I’m fine. Are you ok?”  “Yes I am.” I was mad in the inside, but in the outside I was “ok”. I don’t know what school I was going to now.


            It’s August now, and I don’t even know what school I am going to. I was going to the mall to buy some fall cloths for my mom, when all of a sudden and me my mom gets a phone call from Jonas Bronck Academy. I was really mad at them. I did  not want to pick up the phone, but I did. “Is this Abigail De Jesus”, they said. “Yes”, I said. All of a sudden I heard a loud “BOOM”. “ CONGRATULATIONS, you have been chosen to come to Jonas Bronck Academy, again,” they said. I was so excited and confused because they told me that I was not accepted. I ran to my mom and said, “ Mom, I got accepted to Jonas Bronck Academy, again.” She was confused and happy to. She took the phone and said, “ I thought my daughter was not going to Jonas Bronck Academy. What happened now?” “Well, we decided to take her back because we looked at her papers again and we see that she has better and higher grades then the other little boy. I am so sorry for the confusion last time, but we know that she deserves to come here.” My mom was so calm.  She said, “Ok thank you, bye.” When she came off the phone she screamed. Everyone was looking at her. We were so excited. We went straight to my dad’s house. I went up the stairs and I screamed, “ Pa, I was accepted to Jonas Bronck Academy!!!!!” He was so excited. We went to dinner just the 3 of us again, but this time we went to Applebee’s. I was so happy that day. I could not wait for school. While I was eating, I was thinking of the lesson that I learned in this situation. “Never give up, and always believe in yourself”, also, “Life is a climb, but at the end it’s a good view.”


                                                All about the Author:


            Abigail is 12 years old now. She lives in the Bronx. She was born on June,22,1999. She goes to Jonas Bronck Academy now. She loves to hang out with her friends after school. She loves her family, especially her mom because she has a great relationship with her. She thinks of her as her mom and best friend. She loves to eat Italian food. She wrote this memoir because she knew this would inspire people to always believe in themselves and to never give up.