A Dark, Rainy Day


It was a dark rainy day, and all I could hear were hard raindrops touching the ground.  My brother and I decided to go buy our costumes for Halloween, but I wanted to go with my cousins too. We went to pick them up. Freddy said "come on Nathalie lets go" I went strait to the front seat of the car  . We got to the store and bought our costumes.  I was a purple genie. Finally, it was Halloween day, and we all went trick-or-treating together.  All of a sudden it was to dark, so we all went inside the car an afterwards, we drove up to a cemetery, but it was not on purpose. We wanted to see if it was just a prank to scare people.

Meanwhile, my cousin Daysi told Freddy, "GO!  I want to see what is in there."  But there was no way we could go back.  Anyway, it was an old cemetery, and eventually, we heard a woman scream, "AHHHH!" We thought people were fooling around. A man cried out to us, "Don't go in there," but we didn't listen. So we kept on driving. I was kind of excited because I wanted to get scared by something fake. All of a sudden, we saw a bright image of a woman walking back and forth with a bright white dress and dark hair.  Her face was not that clear.  We thought it was fake, but there was nobody else there but us.  My cousin told us, "Do you guys see that too?" We all said, "YES!"  We were all scared, and my cousin took a picture and even though it came out blurry, it was still visibl . We wanted to call our parents, but there was no reception. My brother drove fast so we could get out of there quickly.

We finally got home.  We all told our parents about what happened, they were all asking us questions like, "Why were you there?"  We were so scared we thought it was going to happen again.  In conclusion, I learned that we should listen to what other people have to say.  We could have at least done a U-turn, but we were all curious to see if it was true, whether the place was fake or not.  My parents were telling my brother and I not to believe in those types of things, that it wasn't true.  As creepy as it sounds, I still remember that moment as if it happened yesterday.