The Drama in Middle School


Why did you talk about me people would come up to me saying! I was in the sixth grade and everyday people would come up to me saying did you say this or that about me and I would say no because I didn't. Two girls would go around telling people things I said about them. They also try to get people against me. However one of the girls cursed me out on Face Book and I was really mad. I asked myself what did I ever do. I asked my mom for advice and she told me to leave it alone and that " my enemies will be my best friends". She told that it's better to have one good friend is better than having a lot of mean friends.


However my memorable moment was when I didn't listen to my mom and rolled my eyes at them. I also decided to be rude. It just made things worst. However right than and their I knew two wrong don't make a right. Also to trust your parents when they tell you something. Reason being is because they know how things are going to work out with you. Then it came to my mind.


 Finally I decided to be the bigger person and go up to those girls and ask them what they have against me. They told me they didn't like me because of the lies the two girls told them of the things I never said. This was a big part in the problem. I then told them it wasn't true. However I stay away from people who start drama. Because this year my goal is to be drama free.


In addition the advice my mom told me was true. Your enemies will be your best friend was true. Although the two girls that went around telling people lies are now my best friends. I found out we all have a lot in common and now we are closer then ever.  The I lesson learned is that in life theirs always going to be a problem and you need to be the bigger person and try to resolve the problem because life is not easy.


 About the Author:


     Fatoumata is a girl that was born here at New York she loves Music, Dancing, and the color Purple. She wrote this memoir to explain how in life you have to learn to be the bigger person and learn to be smart. She also wrote because she wants to show kids who are new to Middle School know that it's not going to be easy.