No more Uniform!





Don’t you think it would be better to express yourself in clothing than in words?  Schools world-wide have switched to uniforms because they think it will stop bullying,but these schools still have students who are being bullied every second of the day. According to,  “Many schools manage to maintain discipline  without adopting uniform.” This rule change in clothing has changed the way students think of themselves. Students at JBA should be allowed to wear their own clothing at least three times a week to balance the issue regarding clothing.


              A youth’s learning won’t increase because of their apparel. A writer from states, “There is no reason for denying a child who is ready to learn, their education because of the color or shade of it’s shirt.” Schools judge students by what they wear when clothes don’t even matter. Wearing uniforms won't change students learning. It makes a school look good, but what about the students?            


             Wearing your own clothing to school can boost your self-confidence. My best friend graduated from a school where they had a uniform policy. Now she goes to The High school of Fashion Industries and says she loves it because everyone is so different and they’re not getting judged. There clothing defines who they are. Now students in my school can’t wait to apply there not only because of the no uniform policy but because they don’t have to worry about being judged because of their apparel. When you wear your own clothing you get this feeling where you found who you are. My friends think that wearing their own clothing would give them more confidence in themselves.


            Those who believe in wearing uniform say that it makes youth’s focus more and reduces the amount of bullying . With or without uniform it will cause competition between who wears what, since people always want to know who’s wearing what .That is an understandable concern , however bullying never stops.This is the only concern for Administrators, but is this why they wont let us wear our own clothing?


Should middle school

Should middle school students be allowed to have cell phones in class? Well, According to, school guards think that students should have phones in class in case of an emergency. Also in, 98 percent of parents and teachers surveyed for allowing phone use in class. My opinion is that students should be able to have phones in class just for safety.

Students should be able to have phones in class in case of an emergency. As reported in the New York times, the cell phone policy has been banned since 9 11. In that case we should have phones allowed in classes because you will never know what will happen. Also, in my old school a scholar got off the school bus and tripped and his head split open a little bit and the boy didn't have any way of getting in contact with his parents. Middle school students should be able to have their phones in class to keep in touch with parents just in case if they have an accident.

Students should also have phones in class to teach them how to be accountable for reality. According to, teachers say that it will be helpful for scholars to have phones in class because they have tools that will help them with class work. Also it will teach the scholars how to be responciable because when we get to college we won't have our phone taken away. It will be useful for middle school students to have their phones in class for their own responsibility.

Some people may argue about having phones in class but i believe we should have phones in class. People who disagree say that it's wrong to have our phones in class because they will pay more attention on the phone. Although some people think that having phones in class is not a good plan, pothers understand that in case of an emergency students must be able to keep in reach with their parents or guardians.

Students should be able to have phones in class just for saftey. Students should write letters to the principal so that the principal could change their minds and let stdents have phones in class. The only solution for this is that shudents should be able to get in contact with their parents or guardians in case of a serious emergency. Wouldn't you want to know if your child was in a dangerous situation?

I agree With you Ninoska

I agree With you Ninoska because uniforms are wack :( 
 Good Editorial


I agree with your editorial

I agree with your editorial because we should have the right to express ourselvs in school

          I agree

          I agree with your opnion on uniforms.  Students have the right to wear their own clothes and be themselves.  It can also be a privedge for students and motivate them for school.  I don't like to wear the same as other scholars wear everyday.  Students want to stand out and be unigue (represent themselves).

I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion because I don't like wearing uniform. Also that wearing the clothes that you like to wear makes you feel better about yourself. Also nice editorial, its awesome.

Word. So true. Good editorial

Word. So true. Good editorial

cool, i also agree with you

cool, i also agree with you ur rite. GOOD JOB