Increase poverty in the US?



            I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve asked my parents for money. If I had a job then, that would be different. According to NYS law, Children may be able to work by 14. The age limit to work should be lowered in NYS, so that we can eliminate poverty.


            Minors who don’t work can’t help their families who are in poverty. A study by shows that 13.3 million people are living in poverty. also stated that 9.5 million families are living in poverty. The number of families in poverty will keep increasing, unless minors can work at an earlier age. The only solution is to let minors work.


            In NYS, minors at the age of 12 should be allowed to work. According to, California lowered the working age limit to 15. If California did it, a state like NY can too. According to Berry Mayall, Professor of childhood studies at the Institute of Education, “Paid work brings in some money of your own. It gives you a taste of the world outside school. And it gives you a sense that you are able to do something other than schoolwork.” Minors who work will absolutely see what the world outside of school is really like.


            Some people may argue that lowering the work age limit is not safe. This is an understandable concern; however minors can work with family members. Although some people think that minors may not be responsible others understand that a minor can learn how to handle their money. Minors will learn how to make and save money on their own. Wouldn’t you want to be able to make more money?


            The age limit to work needs to be lowered in NYS, so that we can eliminate poverty. Minors should take action and write letters to your borough president. If we all take action, the governmentwill hear us. Parents should support minors who want jobs. Do you want to eliminate poverty in the U.S. Money


I really enjoyed your

I really enjoyed your editorial :) i agree with you because i think that kids should have a job at 13. Its only one year less than the regular age to get a job.  

I also agree with you

I also agree with you Lisander. I really want a job to because than you can have your own money and stop asking your parents for some or wait a week untill your they give you your allowence.