Death Penalty to Cruel Not!


                    Since 1990 to 2010 the death penalty rate has decreased by 31%.  Just 75 people were death sentenced; this is the second time it happened since 1990.  According, to a judge in New York, “Many people are given a second chance and are proven that they don’t do it again.”  The death penalty should be included in every state because people are less likely to commit murders after hearing other people’s consequences.  Would the death penalty be too cruel if a relative of yours died by someone?

             People should keep the death penalty or add the death penalty to their state’s law because there is a big chance that people will do fewer crimes and lower the death rate, or homicides.  According, to the website, “Some people stop doing crimes because of the death penalty.”  “Connecticut does not have the death penalty, so more people died by other killers,” says  All states should definitely include the death penalty because there is a big chance people will do less crime and lower the death rate.

People who kill others deserve the same punishment.  According to a study by notable quotes, this “shows that more people voted that the right revenge is to kill that person.”  A while ago, a relative of mine died by a killer.  Everyone wanted him or her dead, when it happened, and I say he deserved it because someone should not kill an innocent person without being punished.  Many people have stated that if a relative died, the right revenge is to kill them for what they did.

Those who believe that the death penalty is wrong say that it is too harsh.  Although some people think that the death penalty is harsh, others think that many people deserve to die for killing someone.  Research has proven that states with the death penalty have a lower death rate.  This is correct because more people get afraid of doing deadly crimes, so they don’t do it.

             Some people think that the death penalty is too cruel.  But, others think it fits perfectly for crimes, like the amendment part of eight states.  Many death rates have decreased by the help of the death penalty.  The only solution to solve the problem of crime is to put the death penalty in each state, then write a petition or letter to government officials.  This situation is a matter of life or death if this is not fixed.  Would it be too cruel if it happened to you or one of your loved ones?