All for Gum Chewing!



             At my school, Jonas Bronck Academy, gum chewing is not allowed. My school should let it be allowed for many reasons. One reason is because it improves your memory. According to a student in the Democratic press, “Gum should be allowed at school because it has been proven to help young people focus and become better students.”

            Chewing gum entertains and gives students a better sense of focus. The Los Angeles Times states that, “Gum helps students focus more on their work”. A doctor and a professor named Dr. Kenneth Allen, who works at NYU’s College of Dentistry, has done research and proved that gum chewing can help students learn in school. This proves how gum chewing entertains and gives students better awareness in classes.

            CNN says that gum chewing helps students reduce stress. CNN also reports that gum chewing boosts academic performance. Gum helps me concentrate in class because once I was in class and I was re-taking a test that I failed. When I re-took the test, I improved because I felt more concentrated on my work while I was chewing gum. This shows that chewing gum helps students in various ways.

            Some people might think chewing gum is messy, disrespectful, and disruptive. Although some people think that it’s messy, disrespectful, and disruptive, others understand that it helps students in many ways. One reason how this statement is wrong is because research says that it helps students improve their test scores; it helps students pass if they chew gum more often.

            Gum chewing is good and helpful to students because it helps students focus on their work. According to a seventh grader in New Jersey, she says that “Gum gives my subconscious something to do while I focus on my work.” The only solution is that schools should allowstudents to chew gum because it helps with students test scores and it makes them pass. Gum helps students improve and increase their school grades and mind.




this is a realy good article

this is a realy good article

i agree with this because it

i agree with this because it does help kids focus since it keeps the streess away.

Yeah it does and thanks for

Yeah it does and thanks for agreeing.

Your editorial made me want

Your editorial made me want to read more about your article!

Thanks Jennifer.

Thanks Jennifer.

your welcome :)

your welcome :)

nice picture and i agree

nice picture and i agree with you because i personally feel like a learn better while chewing gum or starbursts.