Feeling Sleepy?




           Have you ever feel asleep during school or felt tired at some point in the day as a student? One of the anecdotal findings was that scientists noticed better attendance, and less student sleeping in class the first hour.  Schools should make school starting times lower.


           Students are tired and don’t have enough energy to give their full effort during the day. According to Cbsnews.com, “When starting school times later, reports of daytime sleepiness dropped substantially from 55% to 16%”. The NPR.org website also states that “At least 20% of high school student fall asleep in a typical day”. Lowering school start times can help teens have more energy during the day.


          Starting school later can improve youth’s learning. A study by Dr.Carskada showed that, “Teens need about 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep a night ;very few are getting near to that amount,lowering the starting time can make a difference in how much learning a teen acquires from school”. When I am tired during the school day , I don’t feel like paying attention, so I don’t have the opportunity to work to my full ability. Changing the school times to later in the day could help scholars learn more and produce 100 % of their effort.


          Some people may argue that parents have to go to work before a later starting time. That is an understandable concern, however 30 minutes most likely wouldn’t make a difference. Also students can go to school by themselves or take the school bus. Parents should think about how their adolescents \education would be better.


          Schools should make school staring times later because it helps improve students education and how much they sleep.  The only solution is to get students should pick a representative to talk to their principle. Also, scholars and parents can even talk to the school counsel. Starting school later is beneficial for many in different ways. Principals and department of education should really take it upon themselves to make this happen. Besides, who wouldn’t want an extra 30 minutes of sleep.?


I agree with you Janay. I

I agree with you Janay. I always fel sleepy during class. Especially, in math.

 I agree with your opion

 I agree with your opion because alot of times I fall asleep during math and science class.I agree that schools should start later so students could get a better education

 I could not agree more

 I could not agree more with your topic because I wake up and I just cant pull myself out of bed. An extra hour would help out a lot.