Stop School Detention!


            Wouldn’t you hate having to stay after school or work for something you didn’t do? I believe that detention should be banned in New York City schools. It is a waste of students’ time, and most of the reasons are outrageous.

            Detention is an absolute waste of teachers’ time and students’ time. It can be dangerous and can get students into trouble. One day a friend of mine and I came out of detention and almost got jumped by people outside. If the teacher hadn’t given us detention this wouldn’t have happened. When teachers give us detention, bad things can happen to children on the streets. Teachers, would you want to put your students in danger?

            Most detentions are given to students for ridiculous reasons. According to a report by, a thirteen year old girl was given detention for hugging her friend. Also, EducationViews states that some kids were given after school detention for speaking French in their own school! Teachers are abusing the privilege to keep students for detention and are giving it for absurd reasons.

Those who believe that detention should not be banned say that children need to be taught a lesson. This argument is wrong because sitting in a quiet room, doing nothing, does not change anything the student has done. Some people may argue back saying students will continue doing disrespectful things. That’s an understandable concern, however, schools can think of a better solution for disrespectful students, such as eating lunch in a classroom with the teacher.

            Detention needs to be banned in New York City schools. It would help students stay safe. If you’re a student, you have a voice in your school. We can stop detention from being given if we work together.


nice essay like the photo

nice essay like the photo :D