Uniforms? NO WAY!!!!!


Most people think students should wear uniforms in school everyday.I disregard the fact that students should have to wear uniforms to school. I’m a student who attends a middle school in NYC. We don’t have one single day were we can wear casual clothes to school. If there is a day when we can wear casual clothes in my school, it’s rarely and we have to pay.

Children should be able to wear casual clothes to school and feel comfortable. According to Educationresearchreport.com they researched that (85%)of schools with uniform has decreased in bullying issues. According to greatschools.org that proponents found a pro about uniforms is that they help prevents gangs from forming on school grounds, And they encourage discipline. A con about uniforms is that it violates the right to the first amendment for students to have freedom of expression. If children are able to wear casual clothes they can feel more comfortable and more active in learning.

Students should be able to wear their own clothing to have the right of expression. According to Educationresearchreport.com School uniforms are still more cost effective than general apparel. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of respondents felt parents find school uniforms more cost effective, where another thirty-one percent (31%) was not sure.  Wearing your own clothes starts to show students their true personality as they grow.

Those who believe that students should wear uniform say that uniform creates a sense of discipline to the students, which causes less non-disciplinary acts. Well they are right, but I am not asking if we can have at least one day out of the week that we can be able to wear casual clothes; because I feel that students have the right to freedom of expression that most kids in public school have. Although some people think that children should wear uniform others understand that casual clothes make students feel more comfortable and focused when they have the right to freedom of expression.


I thought that you showed

I thought that you showed great vocbulary words and for that I congratulate you guys.