Why So Much Homework?


It’s 1:00am and you’re shoving your last homework assignment in your book bag. You rush to bed in order to get enough sleep for school the next day. The following morning, you manage to drag yourself out of bed on time, knowing that you didn’t get enough sleep. You go through the day dreary and you’re not able to concentrate. That’s all a result from the large amount of homework your teacher gave you the previous night. Can you imagine what life feels like as a NYC middle school student now? Teachers should be limited to the amount of homework they give to students.

Have you ever wanted to participate in any after school activities, but had to do loads and loads of homework first? According to researchers for Alfiekohn.org, excessive amounts of homework takes time away from after school activities scholars from ages 11-15 like to participate in. Those activities help in preventing obesity and even increases kids intelligence. After school activities aids kids life in and out of school and lots of homework chips away at that.

Extra homework doesn’t affect how well students understand to concept. A researcher from Post-gazette.com agrees with this statement saying that, “ If 5 problems helps a student understand a concept, then don’t assign 15.” Most people think that the more work teachers give to students, the more they will understand what they learned that day. That’s wrong; it just makes scholars hate what they learned and eliminates their interest and understanding of it.

Some people may argue that homework improves students achievement in school. This is an understandable concern, however, large amounts of homework takes time away from students social life. Students need time after school to do activities, spend time with family, and prepare for the next day of school. I am not saying that homework should be eliminated completely, just reduced. Students understand the importance of homework and how it affects their grade. We’re just asking for a little slack so we can have some time to ourselves.

Teachers should be limited to the amount of homework they give to students. Night after night, students have to go through hours and hours of homework and haven’t said anything. All students understand the importance of homework, but huge amounts won’t  improve our learning. Reducing the amount of homework will benefit students grades and reduce the amount of work teachers need to do.






I agree with this opinion

I agree with this opinion with your opinion because it makes sense and is true from my own experince.

I agree with you opinion

I agree with you opinion because, techers do you give a lot of homework and I can agree with the fact that a large amount of homework doesn't improve anything.

I agree with you completely

I agree with you completely