Ban Disgusting School Lunches!


             Many kids think that lunch food is disgusting and unhealthy. As a result many kids get angry with schools. According to more than half of children in the United States consume school lunches provided by the USDA. Due to the poor food options most kids are overweight and obese. As a solution I recommend that schools provide healthy and fresh lunch options.

            Parents feel that teaching kids about food is as important as teaching them about life. I agree with this idea because a lot of kids need to learn about healthy and unhealthy foods. According the CDC it is not about the government telling us what to do most parents should step up and want better for their kids. Additionally the CDC says that 17% of children in the United States are obese.

            The government is wasting a lot of money on food that children do not like. We are in debt to other countries. According to the National Lunch Program federal total spending on school lunches are 9.7 billion dollars. Personally when I do not like my lunch I throw it away. The government needs to stop wasting money on food that children will not eat.

            Some people think that better school lunches will benefit kids health. However he government feels that new food will put pressure on the economy. But my question is: Do you care more about the money or the children's healthy?

            The government needs to put more thought into what they feed kids. It is a problem that affects childhood obeseity as well as the economy. The government need to make this a priority ad improve school lunches! Parents should support this movement. It is time to care about what we feed children!