Lockers Needed in Schools!




Wouldn’t your back be in pain after carrying a ten to twenty-five pound book bag?  According to Jeanne Romilly, a scientist who conducted an experiment that looked at how the weight of a book bag can affect children’s health, she stated, “[a heavy book bag can] torques your body, and even can cause scoliosis.” Ms. Romilly also stated that the maximum weight a person should carry on their back is 15% of their body weight. Schools should provide lockers to students to eliminate these health concerns and problems.

Students should receive lockers to put their books in their own lockers for personal space that students need. stated that lockers help students be more mature and responsible.  The books in students’ book bags would be heavy for them, according to the article in LA Times.  Schools should put in lockers because young people need this space for their belongings, and personal space.

Students’ backs won’t hurt as much as they would with a heavy book bag, load.  A study in USA Today stated “It can make your book bag really heavy” according to Andrew Booth from Medscape stated, “Even 15% is too much” for a student to carry on their backs.  My book back weighs more than 12 pounds, which is more than 15% of my body weight.  Without lockers this can lead to back pains when students get older caused by their childhood book bags. Putting lockers in schools can prevent these health problems.

Even though people might think that lockers are terrible idea because it very expensive, are wrong and although they are it can help to prevent a child’s back pain problem.  This is an understandable concern of money issues; lockers can be built used funds for lockers. This argument is wrong because if schools can afford other programs every year they can’t afford lockers of a year of expenses that would help students forever.  One opinion is that teachers can’t trust students to put certain items in lockers like drugs, alcohol, weapons, and more.  Teachers should teach how or what to put in the lockers.

New York City Schools should be able to have lockers for students.  Students should be able to have their own lockers. Students should write letters to the Chancellor, Walcott.  Students’ parents need to tell, announce this topic to the principle by writing letters.  The principal needs to consider and listen to the students and the parents.  Lockers will benefit students and help them with their back pain that can be prevented, as they get older.