Shouldn’t phones be aloud in School? YES!



            Do you think that students should be able to contact parents if anything while in school? Publishers on say students should be aloud to carry a turned off cell phone in school. In case of emergency parents will most likely pick up or answer to their child than to a number that they don't know.


            Publishers from say parents will be more comfortable with their kid's safety if they are carrying a phone in school. In case the students get hurt the parents will most likely pick up the phone to their child even if they are busy. Also schools spend a lot of money on calculators and planners when in reality there is a calculator on every phone and a notepad or memo pad on most phones. If parents are more comfortable then they will also be happy with their child's safety at school.


            New York city schools spend thousands of dollars on planners and calculators when they can use notepad applications and calculator applications. There are about 300-400 students in most schools in New York. My school personally spends thousands of dollars each year buying calculators and planners. 


            Those who believe that phones shouldn't be aloud in schools say that people may bully others while texting. That is an understandable concern; however then students could save there texts as proof to tell their parents and teachers so they can get in trouble.


            Public schools should save money and allow students to use their phones as planners and calculators. Parents and their children should absolutely sign a petition to unban phones from schools. Students must make teachers have trust in them.


I agree with your argument

I agree with your argument because by using the apps like Notes and Calender, we would be saving paper too.    


Awsome job though!