According to Eddie Bautista from the department of sanitation, New York City's "anemic 15% recycling rate means our municipal waste stream is dirtier, which means higher pollution emission.  When you litter you are destroying the community.  People are not aware that they are littering.  They have a lack of consequences for their actions. People should be required to throw their garbage in a garbage can, or else they should do community service.


          When you throw garbage on the floor the quality of a neighborhood starts to decrease because of the pollution.  According to a survey by, 75% of Americans admit to littering within the last 5 years. states, " People think that others will pick the trash up for them."  The garbage on sidewalks stays there for too long and starts making the value of a community go down.


                    When there's garbage on the floor there is less space to walk. says, " People are too lazy to pick up the trash."  Researchers from reveal, " People don't care about their environment being clean."  When I walk on the sidewalk, sometimes have to walk around because there is garbage all over the floor.  We need more people to do community service to help clean up.


                    Some people think that littering is no big deal. That is an understandable concern, however littering stinks up the community and makes the streets dirty.  This argument is wrong because when you litter you are messing up the place you live in.


                    When you walk down the street should you smell garbage?  People who litter should be forced to do community service.  When you see garbage on the floor pick it up.  Do you want a dirty neighborhood?  People need to start putting their garbage in trashcans.  If the trashcan is full find another one.  When you put garbage in a trashcan it is not hurting you it is hurting the environment.