Stop Cyber Bullying Now!




        Do you think cyber bullying is right? Cyber bullying is already against the law. In a survey by cyberbullying-us/ 160,000 students stay home from school every cause they are being bullied. It is not necessary for students to lose out on their education because they are being bullied in school. Students should not be allowed cyber bully others. All teenagers or students who bully must get a fine or o to jail.

    Bullying is a huge problem causing many students or people to go suicidal. According to Robin Kowalski from she says “if you bully someone face to face you can see them get upset and see their emotions.”
Robin also says “when its over the Internet you can’t see the emotional reaction and you go thinking its no big deal.
The reason why many students and teenagers are going suicidal is because they are being bullied.

    Cyber-bullying is a growing problem with out a doubt that needs to be stopped immediately. A study states that 58% of kids admit they have cyber bullied before and said something hurtful or mean to someone.
Also says 42% kids have been cyber bullied over the Internet. Cyber- bullying is a massive thing and people or students should receive major consequences.

Some people may argue with me because they might think its to harsh to arrest people. Well, I know this is a understandable however I think if someone is being bullied and goes suicidal because of it the bully should get a huge consequence. And after that consequence there’s a chance of them learning their lesson.

    Cyber bullying is a huge thing and bullies must have a huge punishment or get arrested. Cyber bullying should not have to be tolerated any more. Have a heart and spread the word “Stop Cyber Bullying Now”. Parents should start to take part in child's action and parents should look into their child’s Internet accounts. Bullying is a growing problem and it definitely needs to stop now!


  I agree with you adelina

  I agree with you adelina cyber bullying is a big issues going on .

i love the ino you put in

i love the ino you put in and i agree bullying needs to stop