Let's Allow Gum Chewing!


Why is gum chewing not allowed in school? Most teachers say that gum chewing is disrespectful,but it has many benefits.Gum chewing should be allowed in school because it does not hurt or bother anybody. It also relieves stress and can help students focus.


Gum chewing can help students concentrate an focus. According to cnn.com, research by Wrigley Science Institute showed 3% of students increased math scores on test who chew gum. According to Chewinggumfacts.com, psychologists say that chewing can help in improving memory and enhance cognitive power. Student are able to pay more attention,while chewing gum.


Gum chewing helps relieve life's everyday stresses. According to Self Growth, chewing gum may also help release nervous energy and provide an outlet for frustration and irritation. According to Machinelikeus.com, "levels of salivary cortisol (a physiological stress marker) in gum chewers were lower than those of non-gum chewers by 16 percent." When you shew gum you don't feel stress and helps you to relax.


Some people may argue that gum chewing may be distracting and is disruptive in class. That is an understandable concern, however gum chewing absolutely can help students focus and concentrate in class. Without a doubt if they are able to focus, they will learn a lot information in class.


Students should be able to chew gum properly. "Students,you have to stop sticking your gum under the tables or seats" because then the school will have to buy more new materials and then there will not be any money left fun trips, dance and cool activities.