Clean MTA Buses!!!

         One of the people who paid to ride a bus saw a rat inside the bus itself. In the NY daily articles it also says that there were roaches inside the bus. I  think that this is terrible service, even if it was free. MTA knows that there wrong for doing this.


         The MTA service that people pay for does not satisfy customers. One time on from my personal experience, I went on the bus to go to my destination. The second I entered the bus, it smelled terrible. According to the daily news website rats were to be inside NYC buses recently. These problems should not occur because New Yorkers pay for this MTA service.


         NYC buses need to be cleaner, so that germs and diseases are not spread. According to a recent report in the Pace Press, there were roaches found in the  bus. Another report in Iwitness showed a picture of the inside of the bus with a bunch of trash that looked very dirty and unsanitary. This can cause spread of diseases. Keeping buses clean can prevent diseases and sicknesses due to all the pest and garbage.


         Some people may argue saying that the buses are just find and sanitary. Obviously people that work in the MTA do not want to clean it as much because it is most likely to cost a lot of money to clean the bus.To all the people who work in the MTA, that is a understandable concern, however you’re customers can get sick. That means if they get sick, MTA can get sued for a lot of money.


         The service from the MTA is terrible because they saw all these pest in the bus. People who work int the MTA, I know that this might be expensive, but don’t you want to satisfy you’re customers? The only solution is MTA customers should protest and will protest until we can get clean bus rides!


I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion and bud should be clean!

I agree with your topic

I agree with your topic because we diserve to have a clean bus.