Aren't you tired of leaving your phone in the office? Do you feel like your phone is trapped? According to Dr. Stephen Laster students should be able to have their phone with them even though parents and principals may not agree. Dr. Khalima Door conducted a survey which said "students who had their phones on in one half of the room increased their grade by 10%, than the ones who didn't." Students and scholars should be able to bring cell phones in school and have them in their own possession while school is going on.

         Cellphones is a great thing to have when you have an emergency. stated "cell phones are sometimes good to have but when you receive a test and they could cheat. But, there is a solution the teachers can collect the phones when the test is going on and when it is over they can have their cellphones back." Overall, cellphones are important and we need it for everyday life. Students in schools need phones for having a normal and happy life. said "when people have phones they are able to have a personal life." For example: When I was in 3rd grade I had my 3rd phone and it meant everything to me when the phone broke I felt like my life was in pieces. stated "children love phones and they want it with them 24/7." Having cellphones in schools might be a waste of time or a distraction but it helps build your life and be more interactive with people.

         Some people may argue that cellphones is a waste of time and distracting to kids while they are in school. Also, it can get stolen or people can be bullied in school on their phones.  Parents might say that their kids don't need cell phones besides they are in school my child/children don't need a distraction. That is a understandable concern, however my opinion is that they need cellphones because high schools and middle schools is where people get their cell phones and if you don't have one it is considered "outdated". Another is in case of an emergency your children/child can quickly get in touch with an adult ASAP!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                             Students should be able to have their phones in their possession while school is going on. Come on and step up for what you believe in. Don't let the problem get you down. Convince your parents, principals and the president of the United States to let middle schools have cellphones with them 24/7. You can do this by protesting, putting up posters and make up a commercial and put in on television. Students must be able to grow more responsibility while they are growing up. Take a stand and start protesting TODAY!!!!!