Deaths Caused by Obesity


            Do you know what it’s like to be obese? According to the C.D.C., more than one third of U.S adults, or 35.7%, are obese and 17% of adolescents 2-19 years of age are obese. Over 26.8% of New york citizens are obese as well. Working out and playing sports are an important part of kids’ life. Therefore, schools should have more sports teams in their school and better gyms to play in.

            Schools should have more sports teams to provide kids with a healthier life.  According to the website, New York’s obesity rate is at 26.8%.  The CDC reports that ⅓ of adults are obese in the U.S.  Having sports teams would help us stop obesity from growing.

            Having more sports teams in school will provide students with fun activities to motivate them.  One of my friends is obese because he never works out and is always lying down and eating.  He would benefit from sports in schools.  According to a poll I took of scholars at Jonas Bronck Academy, 98% of the students said that we should have sports teams in schools.  Having sports team will make adolescents have more fun in school and live a healthier life.

            Some people may argue that gym is not important as other classes, but I disagree with this argument because if students are able to work out and play sports for at least one hour a day they will have healthier lifestyles.

            New York City schools should have more sports teams in them, even thought a lot of people think is not important.  Gym is one of the most important classes in school. The only solution is that students write letters to the principal asking for more sports teams.  Physical fitness and exercise needs to be provided in schools to fight obesity and make schools more fun!


One question I have about

One question I have about your topic is if you know any other reasons why we should have more gym, besides obesity?