Stop pet neglecting today!


Should pet owners pick up after their pet when outside?  Animal feces left outside can affect children 5years of age.  There is a law that says “pet owners should pick up after their pet”.  Pet owners who don’t pick up after their pet should get their pet taken away.


            Animal feces on New York City streets are negatively affecting residents.  According to the CDC animal feces can affect children under 5 years of age because their immune system can get salmonelloisis.  According to, feces that are left outside can affect drinking water by contaminating it.  Pet owners should pick up after their pet when outside because it makes the neighborhood look ugly and bad.


            Animal feces that are left outside can be a form of animal abuse.  According to almost 99% of pet owners don’t pickup after their pet when outside. According to my prior knowledge and own experience, I see feces at about every corner in the Bronx.  If pet owners don’t want their pet taken away then they need to start picking up after their pet and taking responsibility.


            Some people may argue that they do not want to be infected with Salmonellosis.  That is an understandable concern, however that feces can affect other people.  One opinion is that it won’t affect anyone or anything.  This argument is wrong because it affects the community by making it look ugly and dirty.  Some people may argue that they are allergic to animal feces.  That is an understandable argument although think about all the other people who might be allergic to animal feces too.


            Pet owners should pickup after their pet and if not get their pet taken away.  This is causing a huge problem in New York neighborhoods by making them look ugly and dirty. Why are our kids and water being affected because of other people who are being irresponsible?  Community members need to write letters to the borough president to make this a new law.       



 Luis I realy enjoy the way

 Luis I realy enjoy the way that you started you started your editorial and finished it.