Ban Them Now No More Uniforms



         Why should students wear uniforms? 200,000 students in Philadelphia wear uniforms. Pupils deserve their freedom of choice. According to a parent in a interview on USA today, Regis says " We teach our son to be himself and we encourage it, he's not out of line with what he wants to wear." Middle schoolers are children, and they know what's appropriate to wear. Students must have their freedom of choice towards what they want to wear.


         Wearing regular clothes to school will not impact undergraduate's  grades but will motivate them. In my old school students had the privilege to wear regular clothes. That was my motivation in order to keep my grades up. According to in 2005 study indicates that in high schools, uniforms definitely improved graduation and attendance rates but it didn't improve on academic performances. Newcomers should have the right to express themselves.


         Buying uniforms adds a financial barden for families. Personally, I know a novice/learner at Jonas Bronck Academy and she told me specifically " Here at my school a fleece cost 25 dollars, and it doesn't even keep you warm enough." According to the American Civil Liberties Union a complain has been made by parents that, buying uniforms for their children is too much, aside from that they have to buy separate clothing for the holidays. There is a solution for this conflict. And it's simple; students must be allowed to wear regular clothing to school.


         Some people may argue that uniforms are a good thing because they represent the school. This argument is inaccurate because what represents the school is the intelligence of the students, not what they wear. How can wearing uniforms make you smart? Get back to me when you find that answer!


         Students should have the right to express themselves by wearing their own regular clothes. Scholars should have the courage to talk to their principals and tell them what you want to change. Parents get up and encourage your child. Parents and students should attend PTA meetings. Don't let anyone take your freedom of choice away from you!!!