longer vacations!!!!

Do you think students in NYC should have longer vacations days? According to time.com statistics show that people who take vacations die at a later age. I think that people that take vacations relive stress and get higher grade in school. Schools should provide longer vacations for NYC children.
Some people may argue that schools need longer school days and shorter vacations. That is and understandable concern, but however more school days will cause stress and wont give children a chance to finish homework. Longer vacations will give students a social life with family and friends. Longer vacations will not be a chance away from school but a chance to change your life.
Students who take vacations are most likely to relive depression created in there schools. According to life clever.com students that take vacations are also likely to get higher grades. Also children that take vacations grow bigger bond with friends and family. Vacations give children a chance to accomplish more in not only school but in everyday life.
Longer vacations will save money for schools. It would save money because when no one is in school the lights are usually off. Schools wouldn't have to pay more if the lights were off fewer days than in a regular school year. With the money saved from the light bill they can afford more school activates
If schools want smarter and less stressed students then maybe they should offer longer vacations to the students. To get the vacations they want students should write letters to the mayor of NYC, and say that they want longer vacations and how it would benefit them. This movement would create less stress and higher grade for the students of NYC. 


I agree I think we should

I agree I think we should have longer vacations