Less School Days !!!!





Do you think that scholars must get fewer days of school and get more work done?  According to Findingdulcinea.com, Obama wants longer school days and less vacation. However, we should get shorter school days because students can have more time at home for homework.

Students should get shorter school weeks so that they could get their homework done faster. Findingdulcinea.com says that Obama wants longer school days and less vacations. We should get less school days because we can get homework done. Corona Norco superintendent says that he would love for us to get less school days. There must be shorter school days so that students have more time to do their homework.

Students need these shorter school days so that they wont have stress. ‘’As terrible as it might be I would advocate for a shorter year with a quality school’’ says Corona Norco Superintendent Ken Becheler testified at the capital last month; because of this 4 day weekend in South Dakota, teachers get 20%more material done. There should be shorter school days for students to get rest.

Without a doubt some people may argue that we don’t need less school days because students need more learning time in class. This argument is wrong because they don’t know that if students get shorter school days then we can be ready for the next day that we go to school. Although some people think that students don’t need less school days. Others understand that students should get shorter school days.

Without a doubt schools must shorten the week. Scholars must write letters to there principles so that they could get less school days and parents must go to P.T.A meetings to talk to the principles. If principles would give us less school days then they would save a lot of money. Help make a difference today.