Be Muscular


            As a student , do you feel your gym  time is short? JBA scholars should get more gym time to exercise and play because 17% of adolescents are obese today in the United States. Schools should allow one full hour of gym time every day.

             Schools should provide more gym time for kids to be fit . Cutting gym time hurts student academic performance. According to  thirty-two percent of Americans two threw nine years of age are over weight . schools don’t give enough gym tie for children to play and get healthy .

          In gym its better to socialize and have fun . Us children can talk while exercising and laugh. They can also talk during games they play in the gym .  In gym we can have  more freedom then during classes .


        Some people may argue that more gym time will make children tired . Or they want their kids to be in class more so they can learn. Although some people think were wrong and just little kids who want to play all the time , we can get serious about real life things.

    It’s a matter of life and death , kids can die from to much fat in their body and is easier for them to get heart attacks and blood clots.