Are Violent Video Games Really That Bad?







Have you ever wanted to buy a violent video game, but couldn’t? Well I have but GameStop told me I had to get a parent or else I couldn’t buy it. GameStop would get more money and more teens if they allowed the age of 17 and up games to be lowered.


It’s not fair that mature teens can’t enjoy violent video games. According to “After all millions of children &

adults play violent video games and the world is not in complete chaos or turmoil”- Lawrence Kutner. So as I said before it is unfair that mature teens cant play violent video games.


Game stop would get more money cause more mature teens would feel tempted to go in there with friends knowing there coming out with a good game. When I went to the mall with my family I told my dad I’ll be in GameStop but they made me go get my father to pay for it. So as I said before, If GameStop allowed 13 and up teens to buy violent video games they would get a lot more money.


GameStop and other video game businesses would get more money and young customers if they lowered the age limit. The only solution for all you young teens like me is to sign a petition to allow this to happen. America shouldn’t deprive mature teens from playing enjoyable games.