Make Right Decisions


          Do you ever get tired of being bored in class everyday? Students may fall asleep, talk to their peers, and even try to find a way to leave class. Some teachers try to make it game by going over notes.  For example, Mr. Soler does Jeopardy for a review on our tests. According to students at JBA, they feel they should be able to choose their own classes and ask teachers to make class more fun.

            Choosing their own classes would motivate students to learn in that class and enjoy it. In my point of view, I didn't get to choose my elective in period 2 of this school year. I didn't enjoy it because I didn't understand the work. In JBA, I surveyed people and about 100% wanted to choose their own classes. Choosing your own class can prove how much students love their teacher and the lesson being learned.

            In reality, students choose their own classes in high school and college, so we should start now in middle school to learn how to do this suceessfully. According to,"Students should be given the opportunity to take their future into their own hands" by choosing their own classes. " in Dallas Texas allows students to choose their own classes in middle school. In New York, we should be able to choose our own classes to be prepared for high school.

            Students should be able to choose their own classes. If students are able to choose the classes they like, they will be more likely to pay attention and get good grades.  It helps students to be more focused, pay attention to the teacher, and be more respectful. These are the true reasons why students should choose their own classes.