More Policemen on the Streets


One day when I came home from school there were three SWAT cars and four police cars surrounding the place because a drug dealer was selling drugs. In the background police cars rushed into action to catch him. The more police we have the less crime there will be. We should have more policemen on the streets to arrest drug dealers.


Policemen should guard outside, and stop drug dealers so there will be less crime. According to, the more police we have the less crime there will be. "The main advantage of car patrol foot is increased efficiency of coverage. A disadvantage of car patrol is that it reduces police contacts with citizens.  Studies of foot patrol indicate that it is important for policemen to stop drug dealers because drug dealers carry guns, when an officer goes undercover the drug dealer will notice the officer, and blast the agent with a 9mm pistol".


The value of the community will increase if there are more policemen. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, a community with more policemen has less tension and stress and is an overall safer community. Additionally, The Bureau of Justice Assistance says, "Community policing is in essence, a collaboration between the police and the community that identifies and solves community problems." It is important for the value of the community to increase, so people can get along with each other.  Citizens also want to feel safe in their community when policemen are around their community.


Those who believe that we shouldn't put more policemen on the streets say that it will cost the city to much money. However, our safety is more important then the cost! Policemen have to take an extra shift to protect the streets from drug dealers, gangs, and murders.


It is important to have more policemen to stop criminals. People need to feel safe in their community. The government needs to protect their country from drug dealers. People should spread the word so that action can be taken. Crimes need to be lower, and drug dealers need to be brought to justice!  Sometimes there are gangs, and drug dealers are armed.  People need more policemen on the street because gangs, and drug dealers can murder innocent people.