School week crisis


Have you ever thought as a student that you needed an extra day on your weekend to get things together? They have already started this in Louisiana.  According to, "studies show test grades went up by 30% because of this."  Schools should make the school week shorter because it will help kids in the long run.

A shorter school week gives students more time to be prepared and do homework. states, "It also saves money on schools buses. Students need more time to get things done don't you want to give them that time.  It gives teachers, students, and staff time to relax. 

A possible concern may be that parents might not have a place for their child to stay. I think that they should make a day care for younger students.  There should only be shorter weeks in middle school and high schools because they're more likely to be allowed to stay home alone.

Schools should make the school week shorter. Because it helps a lot and it saves schools money. The only solution is to send a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Walcott asking them to consider shortening the school week.  Do you want kids complaining that they don't have time to do work or time to relax? . In my opinion this is the best thing to happen in schools what