Dont get in trouble for electronics


Have you ever tried sneaking your electronics in class? Well, according to principal Jill Johnson, parents are guilty of sneaking a call during the day to their own kids after school". So she decided to let students use them in class. My opinion is that electronics can be used for a reward and during an emergency in school.


       Electronics can be used as a reward for students. According to the school newspaper it said "phones are used in everyday life so why shouldn't we not allow phones". Principal Jill Johnson said "that parents are just as guilty of sneaking calls during the day as their own kids" when students get reward they are proud and does more work. Electronics is a gift to the students if they have done their work.


       Electronics can be used for emergency situation. According to the report on New York Times a fire fighter said "cell phones help the students call 911 and be safe if there's a fire. According to parents from Oklahoma high school students even sued a school for taking away their child phone in an emergency. Electronics can help students be safe cause of emergency.


       Some teachers think that electronics distracts students during class. That is an understandable concern; however electronics can be used as a reward if students finish their work. Research says that electronics is used in everyday life so it said "schools should allow cell phones in class" it will not be fair.


       We need to allow students use electronics just in case of an emergency and as a reward. The students can make a vote and find the results. The students can also write letters to the principal so how he can see how we need electronics. I feel that electronics as a reward cause it gets students to write more.