According to the NYPD, there are about 32,400 gangs in America. The new york police department reviled there are estimated 32,400 gangs and 774,000 gang members. They kill, rob, vandalize and are just plain rude and destructive. They need to be stopped by the New York Police Department.

            We need to stop clans  because they are the number one cause for crime in the United states of america. There are many gangs in the us and they are the number one cause for murder. They kill anything and anyone because it's "fun to do" well to them. They need to be stopped for murder and all other bad crimes they do.

            Gangs are the main leading cause for death,robbery, rape and lots of other crimes. Kids from ages 12 on are forced to be in gangs. Gang violence has gone up 50% since 1999. One way to stop them is to arrest the leaders of these gangs to shut them down. Another way to stop them is to Have more cops around blocks like 1 cop care for every 4 blocks and arrest any person doing gang activity.

            Some people will argue that it will cost too much money to have cops all over places. This is an understandable concern but to increase jails and jail cells it is for a very good cost.Would you want more murders,robberies,shout out or rapes ? You never know what might  happen when you are  outside but with cops it will be safer.